African Development Bank gives Zambia US$500, 000 to help fight Army Worms

The African Development Bank has contributed Zambia US$500, 000 to help fight Army Worms.

Agri Culture Minister Michael Katambo states that the amount of money is going to probably be used to secure chemicals for its spray of Army Worms.

Mr. Katambo States that the ministry is on awake and performing what Possible with assistance from cooperating spouses to resist pests in regions of the out break.

The Agriculture minister was speaking during a press briefing at Lusaka.

The military worms have previously couple farming seasons ravaged maize Areas in Zambia as well as different South African nations jeopardizing maize returns.

Throughout the 2016/2017 period, harvest production was jeopardized by an Outbreak of armyworms but Zambia still was able to take 3.6 million tonnes of maizeup from 2.8 million the preceding calendar year, after comprising the pests.

Outbreaks of this insect assault erupted in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa.

They followed that a crippling El Nino-triggered drought that scorched Much of the area at 2015, hitting harvest manufacturing and leaving countless Needing food assistance.

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