Dear Editor,

I am giving  Kangwa Musenge a 24 hour ultimatum to step down as General Secretary of the Professional Teachers Union of Zambia[PROTUZ].

I give him 24hours to resign and allow his deputy to take over the leadership of the Union. I also implore Mr.Mwitumwa Vincent [0978 679333], the Union President, to take full responsibility of the confusion that has rocked the union since Mr.Kangwa was fired.

The president has clearly failed to show true leadership at this critical moment in the life of our great organization. And we shall hold him accountable in case the current impasse leads to eventual collapse of the Union. If the President continues on this path, we shall have no choice but to pass a vote of no confidence in him and lock the Union offices.

My other appeal goes to all provincial leaders who will be meeting tomorrow to rise above selfish interests and defend the constitution of the Union. Let them allow the deputy general secretary to take over as constitutionally stipulated. Many members are eagerly looking up to these provincial leaders to do the correct thing tomorrow.

Lastly, I strongly invite the Ministry of labour to help manage the confusion at PROTUZ before the situation
degenerates into chaos.


Senior Union Member

0979 501227

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