THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is conducting awareness workshops on the need for metrology and calibration services in business growth.

ZABS head of marketing and public relations Hazel Zulu said in order to increase levels of understanding and appreciation of metrology and calibration services for various economic sectors, ZABS had organized three-day stakeholders’ sensitization awareness seminars.

Ms. Zulu said the seminars were targeted at interfacing with stakeholders in the health, construction, energy and transport sectors to help them understand the importance of ensuring accuracy in measurements in their various lines of work.

She said this was part of the programmes lined up for the commemoration of the World Metrology Day which falls on 20th May 2017 and will be celebrated under the theme, “Measurements in Transport”.

She said the theme was particularly chosen because transport played a key role in the modern world.

“Transport plays a key role in a modern world; we do not only move ourselves through various means of transport, but also the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the goods we use rely on transport and there is need for safety and  efficiency in the sector,“ he said.

She stated that for the transport sector to have minimal environmental impact, there were requirements of an astonishing range of measurements.

She announced that there will be an expo on the 20th of May in conjunction with the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) to give an opportunity to members of the public to interact with ZABS and ZWMA as well as other stakeholders.

She explained that metrology was a science of measurement, which played an important role in scientific discovery, innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade.

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