STOP dragging President Edgar Lungu in your petty rantings aimed at gaining cheap political mileage because he has no role to play in the delivery of justice in Zambia, PF Lusaka Province information and publicity secretary Christopher Shakafuswa has told off Mike Mulongoti.

Commenting on Mr. Mulongoti’s statement that President Lungu should pack and go because magistrate Greenwell Malumani’s acquittal of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was an indication that all cases against Mr. Hichilema were baseless, Mr. Shakafuswa said Mr. Mulongoti was being petty.

He said it was wrong for Mr. Mulongoti to link outcomes of court cases to President Lungu because the Constitution provided for the separation of powers where the executive did not dictate to or interfere in the operations of the judiciary.

“It is unfortunate that this “nashala neka” party leader wants to gain cheap political mileage by dragging President Lungu in petty issues to which he has played no role.

“Instead of making noise, Mr. Mulongoti should be happy that despite constant accusations that the PF government is abusing the justice system, magistrate Malumani has proved that he worked without any undue external influence and this means that the PF government has been vindicated from those trying to vilify it,” Mr. Shakafuswa said.

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