By Chikumbi Katebe


SOUTH Africa’s popular chain store, SPAR, has been dragged to court for failing to pay a local supplier for deliveries amounting to over K119,000.

Share Arica Zambia, a charitable organisation providing developmental and educational services in some parts of the country, allegedly engaged SPAR Chilenje for the supply and delivery of SHARE peanut butter on credit basis to be distributed through the chain store.

The organisation explained that according to a sale agreement signed between the two entities, it was agreed that SPAR Chileje, operated by Base Property Developers Limited, would settle the payment for the goods obtained at a later stage between 9th October 2013 and 24th March 2016.

“That whereas all the deliveries made by the plaintiff to the defendant, between the 9th October 2013 and 25th October 2014 have been paid for in full, the deliveries made between the 21st November 2014 and 24th March 2016 valued at K119,532 have not been paid for to date.

“That in spite of numerous demands and reminders to settle and coupled with the defendant’s several promises to settle the said K199,532 the defendant has failed, refused and neglected to pay the same,”  the NGO submitted.

They have since requested the court for the immediate payment of the money for the SHARE peanut butter supplied to the supermarket which has not yet been paid for as submitted.

SPAR supermarket is one of the numerous one-stop shops with outlets across the country.

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