A 23-year-oId man of Kalulushi has been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for manslaughter.

Appearing before Judge Penjani Lamba for sentencing was Isaac Mulambya who pleaded guilty to causing the death of Mr Kekos Mukoma on 20 August 2016.

In his mitigation, Mulambya pleaded with the court for leniency as he was a first offender, a family man with two children and was remorseful of his actions.

But sentencing him, Ms Justice Lamba said the court had considered the action of the convict of attacking and beating innocent people and found it uncalled for.

Judge Lamba said the injuries of the deceased as disclosed from the post-mortem showed how barbaric Mulambya was when he continuously beat the deceased with a stick.

“I consider attacking people who did not harm you uncalled for, beating the deceased with a stick and the injuries caused as found by post-mortem barbaric,” Judge Lamba said.

She said leniency was going to be exercised but a befitting sentence was necessary to deter him and others like him.

Mulambya will therefore serve a 14-year sentence with hard labour effective from 16 August 2016.

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