The shame of our social media

Dear Editor,

To state that our social media has sunk to its lowest ebb would be an understatement, it is simply a sin.

Some of the articles that we read on this platform are not bizarre but downright lies.

The exchange of insults has become the order of the day because the authors believe they can get away with it.

It is no longer a medium for exchange of useful information but a cheap vehicle for promoting hate speeches and character assassination.

President Lungu and his PF government have not been spared from disparaging remarks and treacherous comments-all for very immaterial reasons, if any at all.

It is therefore heartening to learn that our Zambian Information and Technology Authority (ZICTA) has swung into action to minimize abuse of our social media.

Already CEC Liquid Telecommunications has been penalised by ZICTA for allowing seven unregistered companies to use its infrastructure for data trafficking which has resulted in government losing huge amounts of money.

I personally think time has come to track all those who insult others for no good reason on social media.

The only consolation is that very few Zambians have access to that kind of information while those well-informed Zambians dismiss it with the  contempt it deserves. ZICTA should also open a line where all offended individuals can approach it with details of the offenders, especially the source which I think can be easily be traced using latest technology it has.

Social media was supposed to be a source of useful information but in Zambia it is not.  It has for years been gross abused.

Well done ZITCA and I hope your action can now be extended to individuals who sometimes use pseudonyms to get at others.

Again well done ZITCA and I hope sanity can return to our social media.

Sailota Phiri


Deplorable state of Lumumba Road

Dear Editor,

The Present state of Lumumba Road needs a lot to be desired in all aspect of road design and usage.

The road in its present state is a death-trap and a danger not only to pedestrians but to other vehicular users as well.

The road surface is at a dangerous state of disrepair and depletion that it has crater-like potholes like the one just near Oddys (Matero)

The two level-crossing at Bottlers are not of standard design, and a huge cost to the wear and tear of the vehicles that cross them.

For the most length of the road, no provision for segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic has been put in place, leaving a situation where pedestrians have to dodge cars like in a rugby match!

Can someone please take responsibility and correct the situation before lives and property are lost and damaged respectively.

Concerned citizen


Kudos to govt over alleged presidential petition

Dear Editor,

I write to commend Government through Justice Minister Mr Given Lubinda for finally clearing the air and putting records right to the nation and indeed the international communities that there is no Presidential petition in any courts of law in Zambia.

I hope this clears the air for every one of us to move forward with our daily lives normally in the spirit of oneness.

This should also be authentic information for any international organization which could have been misled into believing that there is still a Presidential petition in the courts of law in Zambia after the ended August 2016 elections.

Of course most Zambians were aware that the UPND Presidential petition was thrown out but some were coerced into believing otherwise because of the opposition party’s continued claims.

The petition did not actually take place because UPND failed to do so within the stipulated 14 days in accordance with the new Constitution.

Now that the matter has been clarified by the Justice Minister, this is just a good reason for the opposition to just start giving checks and balances to the Government and actually start mobilizing for 2021 elections instead.

Wisdom Muyunda



What does the lawyers panel say about HH

Dear Editor,

I am in complete agreement with your writer Goodwin Sambo who complained about the growing tribal orientation of our country. I have taken a chance to look at the defence bench of the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. It is all Tonga.  Maybe this is by sheer coincidence, but if it is not then it is very worrisome.

Never before have our national leaders shown any partiality in terms of recruiting from the various regions of the country. I remember the time when late President Frederick Chiluba was in court. He would use lawyers from many tribes and if anything he did not seem to care where the lawyer came from but was rather concerned with their performance.

It is high time that we think through this growing tendency to look at ethnicity as the basis on which decisions are made to recruit talent and expertise. If we concentrate on likeness, we shall be failing to employ the most capable who can lead in the various spheres of human endeavour.

It is not too late for HH. He can still redeem himself and ensure that he is seen as a leader for all the Zambians.

Michael Muleya.


HH arrest a lesson to all

Dear Editor,

The arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, for me, should send a clear message that no one is above the law, including those who appear to have sponsored by outside forces.

The tragedy in this country is that everyone wants to be a leader of some kind only the situation is worse at political level.

The truth of the matter is that there can only be one leader at a time. There are no two ways about that.

As for now my earnest appeal is to all politicians and the church to commit Zambia to prayers

These spate of fires we are witnessing in our country are not an accident but could just be a tip of the iceberg. But above all Zambian does need war.

Let us encourage dialogue as opposed to arson which will only increase poverty for the victims. It is an act of retrogression. It is ugly. I know that some opposition political party leaders are not happy that they are not in State House, but it is the majority Zambians who decided to put Lungu in State House and the matter is final no matter how much venom they vomit.

It will not help them much except invite trouble for them.

Unfortunately for Zambia some church leaders are hiding in sheep skins yet in reality are using their churches to shamelessly advance their political ambitions. Totally absurd.

As for HH I think he should seriously take to Jesus Christ who answers all prayers.

He should humble himself before all Zambians and sell his ideas which he thinks can a difference to many us.

Arrogance and being disrespectful can only reap the same for himself and help seal off the road to State House.

He has the chance but he has to change his attitude to issues and those around him.

Zambians are peace loving people and that is why there has never a war in this country.

The church must help this nation by bring all the warring parties to the table and discuss the way forward because all of us have one Zambia.

Zambians should know that Zambia is their only country and should not let what is happening in some neighbouring countries like DR Congo come to them.

Let us find better ways of resolving our perceived difference instead of resorting to promoting civil wars.

Long live Zambia

Paul Limbikani Zulu

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  1. Mr Vernon Mwaanga should use his influence on Hichilema to advise him to behave in a more mature, nationalistic and patriotic manner as a Zambian intending to occupy plot 1. HH’s behaviour leaves much to be desired for a person seriously hoping to be Head of State.

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