PROPHET Shepherd Bushiri should not set foot on Zambian soils for instilling fear in Zambians through his false and contradictory prophecies, says Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza.

Reverend Mwanza said South African-based Malawian Bishop Bushiri had been issuing false and inconsistent prophecies about Zambia which the church did not agree with.

He said Zambians should not accept false prophesies being spread through social media and particularly by Bushiri, adding that the Malawian preacher had not proved himself to be a credible or legitimate in the God’s ministry.

In an interview yesterday, Rev Mwanza said it was unacceptable for a ‘‘false prophet’’ to instil fear, anxiety and intimidation in Zambians.

He said Zambia had enough churches as well as clergymen and women who had been praying for peace and calm in the nation.

Rev Mwanza said that he did not believe that God would bypass the Zambian clergy only to reveal it to prophet Bushiri.

He also did not believe Zambia would be on fire.

He said Bushiri’s action would nullify people’s faith for answered prayers and had potential to compel people to behave in a unlawful conduct.

Rev Mwanza urged the Immigration Department not to allow the Malawian prophet to cross the Zambian border saying there was not room for prophets of doom in the country.

“The people of Zambia must not accept false prophesies being spread through social media particularly from prophet Bushiri because he has not proved his credibility.

There is no way if God is going to do anything he is going to bypass us, there is enough church in this country and clergymen and women we have been praying for peace and calm.

“The enemy works through fear, anxiety and intimidation. My appeal to the Immigration Department is that they should not allow prophet Bushiri to cross Zambian borders,” he said.

Rev. Mwanza said although there were political misunderstandings in Zambia he expressed hope that there was no problem too insurmountable, adding that politicians would reconcile and contribute to the peace building process.

Rev. Mwanza appealed to Zambians not to accept any unverified information on social media as gospel truth as most of it was misleading.

The flamboyant and controversial Malawian prophet Bushiri’s prophesy on YouTube has gone viral in which he is predicting war in Zambia.

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