THE Patriotic Front (PF) is shocked that the Law Association of Zambia could justify the barbaric acts of violence being perpetrated by the UPND against the Judiciary by claiming that the violent cadres were provoked and acted in self-defence, Frank Bwalya has charged.

This follows revelations that the presiding Judge Mwila Chitabo had in fact earlier written to the UPND leadership warning them against trouping cadres to court, but the advice was ignored. See Judge Chitabo’s letter on the right.

When confronted with this information LAZ president Linda Kasonde, asked the  Daily Nation Reporter to read her previous statement.

Pressed further to substantiate her earlier statement that Police had used live ammunition, she refused to comment and cut the line.

Police who have been incensed by the LAZ statement have condemned the misrepresentation as a great disservice.

Mr Bwalya said that that PF was shocked with the LAZ’s claims that the UPND cadres were provoked by the police whom the association have accused of firing live ammunition.

He said that the PF was getting tempted to believe that the ‘‘scandalous position’’ LAZ had taken to justify the behaviour of the UPND had to do with its president Linda Kasonde who had exhibited traits of being politically biased. Mr Bwalya said that the language used by LAZ was similar to that of UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who has justified the violence because the cadres were provoked.

“As PF, we are shocked just like many Zambians as well as our development partners that the Law Association of Zambia can shamelessly attempt to justify the wanton violence on the Judiciary perpetrated by the UPND which left a trail of destruction. We are being attempted to believe that this scandalous position by LAZ has to do with one person, namely the president herself – Ms Linda Kasonde,’’ Mr Bwalya said.

He said that the level of impunity and lawlessness displayed by the UPND cadres had never been seen before and that it was a threat to peace and security, saying the opposition party had planned and executed similar schemes of violence and have managed to escape the law.


Mr Bwalya also  urged the police to investigate and bring the perpetrators of violence to book as video clips on social media had clearly shown what had transpired, stating that the UPND would always find an excuse to blame the PF for their violent behaviour even when no PF cadre was at the court.

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