Let’s stick together – Mweene

Chipolopolo Soccer Fans Association (CSFA) has appealed to Coach Herve Renard not to make hasty changes to the losing AFCON squad as the Chipolopolo Boys seek qualification to the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals.
And Chipolopolo goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene has said that there should be no divisions in the Chipolopolo camp following their first round exit at the 2013 AFCON.
CSFA chairman Yotham Mwanza said his association was aware that changes to the team were inevitable but appealed to the Frenchman to critically analyze all his players before making changes to the side that failed to defend the continental title in South Africa.
“After the painful early exit from the competition and the desire to urgently get down to business in the World Cup qualifying series, the Coach may consider dropping some players but we wish he will not rush in his desire to consolidate the squad” Mwanza said.
Mwanza said it was imperative that the Chipolopoplo side was consolidated before the team plays Lesotho in the next qualifying game in March but added that “the exercise must be done cautiously in order to maintain rhythm in the team.”
Zambia managed only two goals as they drew all three of their Group C matches to finish behind Burkina Faso and Nigeria and bow out of the tournament.
Despite taking over an hour to emerge from the change-rooms after their barren draw against Burkina Faso on Tuesday night, Mweene maintained that team the spirit remained intact.
“We can’t point fingers – it wasn’t meant to be. We just have to accept things and be thankful for what God has given us. It’s time to encourage each other, this is the time we need each other most, with the qualifiers.”
The heroic goalkeeper who saved a penalty against Ethiopia and saved before scoring one against Nigeria said that Chipolopolo gave everything they had to try and qualify to the quarter finals.
“We tried our best but even if we played two hours we would not have scored. We camped in Burkina’s half, especially in the second half.
“We will just have to go and regroup, we have the World Cup qualifiers and we’ll just have to come back. The most important thing when you fall is how you get up.” He said.

Renard aims for World Cup

Hours after he witnessed his charges give up the continental crown they won last year in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, Chipolopolo Boys Coach Herve Renard has now cast his eyes on qualifying the former African champions to the Brazil 2014 World Cup championship.
Zambia bowed out of contention at the ongoing 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa after a string of draws against Ethiopia, Nigeria and a 0-0 result against Burkina Faso to complete their disastrous outing on three points from as many games and failed to qualify for the quarter finals.
Renard said he was optimistic that qualification for the first ever World Cup outing for Zambia was possible and expressed his intentions to retain most of the players in the current team instead of making hasty and drastic changes following the early ejection of the champions from the tournament.
“We have a fair chance that we can make the trip to Brazil because we have players who are optimistic in their resolve to play at the highest level and against the best players in the world” Renard said.
In his modest nature, the Frenchman also absorbed responsibility for his charges’ dismal performance in the group stages especially against Burkina Faso on Tuesday when they needed just one goal to confirm their passage to the quarter finals saying qualifying to the World Cup was another task the team had embarked on and intend to achieve.
He said apart from defending the coveted Africa cup title, his team had also planned to work hard and qualify for the Brazil 2014 World Cup adding that after their two games against Ghana and Sudan where they reaped six points, he was optimistic the Chipolopolo Boys would qualify.
The former African champions are in the same group with Ghana, Lesotho and Sudan and play their next game away to Lesotho on March 9th or 10th 2013.
“We will be home in June and with hard work there is hope that we can get six points before travelling to Ghana for the final match” Renard told journalists in South Africa.
FIFA awarded the Chipolopolo Boys a win against Sudan after the hosts featured an ineligible player to give Zambia six points following a win over Ghana in Ndola.
Last year the Fox, as Renard is fondly known guided the Chipolopolo Boys to their first ever Africa Cup victory against Ivory Coast and the Frenchman is optimistic his charges can pull another surprise and qualify for Brazil World Cup next year.

ECZ urges Police to be flexible

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has urged the Zambia police command in Livingstone to be flexible with all political parties participating in the Livingstone parliamentary by election.
ECZ Commissioner Justice Judge Christopher Mushabati says that political parties taking part in the Livingstone by election might not have notified the police about their campaigns but should be allowed to start campaigns immediately after filling in their nomination.
Judge Mushabati also noted that the three weeks which have been given as a campaign period was not adequate for political parties to meet the people of Livingstone.
“I want to urge the police command here to be flexible with political parties, I know they might not have given the seven days notice but you should allow them to campaign since campaigns starts after nominations.” Judge Mushabati said.
Speaking during a stakeholders briefing in Livingstone on Wednesday, Judge Mushabati said that police should also give equal protection to all political parties.
Judge Mushabati said that the success and credibility of any election depends on the stakeholders’ conduct which includes the police, media, political parties, civil society organization and the ECZ.
He said that the ECZ cannot conduct an election without the participation of all stakeholders adding that stakeholders play an important role.
Judge Mushabati said that it was therefore important for all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the electoral code of conduct to avoid violating it as is law.
“The success and credibility of any election depends on the stakeholders’ conduct. ECZ cannot conduct an election without the participation of you stakeholders because you play an important role.”JudgeMushabati said.
“It is therefore important for all stakeholders to familiarize yourselves with the electoral code of conduct to avoid violating it as it is law.” He said.
He appealed to political parties to avoid being confrontational, name calling and threatening one another during their campaigns because it will scare the voters.
“Am sure you people come from Malota and you live together so why should you start fighting each other, you are one people.” Judge Mushabati said.
The ECZ Commissioner has also urged political parties to pick the right people to represent them in the polling stations.
Judge Mushabati further reminded political parties that it is the responsibilities of political parties to pay election agents and not the ECZ.
“I also want to urge you to pick the right people to represent you in the polling stations. The payment of agents is the responsibilities of political parties and not the commission.” He said.
And District Electoral Officer Vivian Chikoti has urged political parties participating in the Livingstone by election to conduct themselves in an elderly manner.
Ms. Chikoti said that it is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure the elections are conducted in a free and fairly manner.

Edgar Lungu lied

HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has lied that MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba is still Republican Party president, MMD National Treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has disclosed.
Mr. Mbulakulima said that the insatiable appetite by Mr. Lungu wants to deregister the MMD would cost the country the democracy it had enjoyed in the past 20 years.
Mr. Mbulakulima said that Mr. Lungu was a danger to the democratic tenets  of the country, adding that the continued lies that he has continued to peddle against the former ruling party  would land him in trouble some day.
MMD Vice president for Administration Brian Chituwo has appealed to bonafide members of the party to remain calm and supportive to the party leadership of Dr, Mumba.
Dr. Chituwo said that for any democracy to flourish discipline was paramount and Major Richard Kachingwe failed to live by the rules of the club.
“The party could not allow the highest levels of indiscipline by senior members such as Major Kachingwe so we had to expel him,” he said.
And according to the records obtained by the Daily Nation from the Registrar of Societies, they indicate that Dr. Mumba was the president of the MMD.
According to form S.O.8 issued on the 12th August 2012, from the Ministry of Home Affairs Registrar of Societies rule 15 notice of change of office bearers to the registrar of societies indicated that the Movement of the Multi-Party Democracy (MMD)’s president Rupiah Bwezani Banda had ceased being president and was replaced by Dr. Mumba. (See the documents on page 11)

PF corruption fight a sham – NAREP

THE fight against corruption should be holistic and not selective if government intends to show seriousness and commitment, NAREP on the Copperbelt has said.
Party Coordinator Jevan Kamanga said in an interview that it was unfortunate that the so called fight against corruption was selective and biased against those seem to be anti government.
Reverend Kamanga said Zambia was under the PF led government ruled like a police state, whereby no one should have a say against the sitting government.
He alleged that the fight against corruption under the PF leadership was questionable, because certain individuals who were believed to be involved in corruption activities were shielded by the government.
“The fight against corruption under the PF leadership is questionable because those who seem to be their favourites are shielded, when they have cases to answer, and this has brought doubts on their fight against the vice,” he said.
He said there was need for more political will in order to win the fight against corruption, so that everyone including those who were close or holding public offices could as well be subjected to the same scrutiny just like any other.
Rev Kamanga claimed much more needed to be done if government’s quest to fight corruption was to achieved.
He said it was shameful that corruption in the PF government had hit high levels, and yet no action was being taken to prove to the citizens that the government was doing enough to eradicate the vice.
“The people of Zambia should not be taken for granted, and these are some of the things we keep on wondering why certain individuals are protected against the alleged corrupt activities levelled on them while others are not,” he said.
The reverend said it was high time the PF government took things seriously now that it had listened to the many complaints from various sections of society, including the church which was the last hope for the people, if they had a will to fight corruption.
“Exhibiting arrogance whenever people are trying to raise concerns is not helpful, Zambia is a democratic nation and there is no amount of threats and intimidation that will stop them from expressing their views where there was need,” he said.
He claimed that the fight against corruption in the PF government was misguided, because it had not yielded any concrete results.

Lungu ticked off over MMD extinction remarks

HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu’s threat to use the law to drive the MMD into total extinction is a serious sign of misplaced priorities by the Patriotic Front (PF) government and is inimical to the promotion of good governance, says MMD North Western Province leadership.

MMD provincial Secretary Emmanuel Chihili told the Daily Nation that it was retrogressive for the PF government and specifically Mr. Lungu to become the arresting officer, prosecutor and judge at the same time in internal matters of a club (MMD) that he does not belong to.

He said that it was disappointing that the PF government was advocating for lawlessness by choosing to pay a blind eye to the fact that the confusion in the MMD was created and perpetuated by the PF leadership whose desire was to see the MMD die.

Mr. Chihili said “As MMD in Northwestern Province, we find threats by Minister for Home Affairs Edgar Lungu that “he may be forced to use the law to drive the MMD into total extinction if leaders of the former ruling party fail to resolve the two factions” as misplaced and inimical to good governance. We are very disappointed that a leader who superintends over law and order in Zambia under his ministry like Hon. Edgar Lungu can choose to close his eyes and pretend and mislead the nation that there are two factions in MMD. It is very retrogressive in this time and era for the minister to become the arresting officer, prosecutor and judge at the same time in internal matters of a club (MMD) that he does not belong to,” he said.

Mr. Chihili said that MMD disciplinary committee actions’ against its members did not and couldn’t in any way become a danger to peace and order as, ” Mr. Lungu claims on one hand yet leave the two imposters, Major Richard Kachingwe and Catherine Namugala, to masquerade as MMD members when they were not on the other hand. It is very sad and unfortunate.”

He said that Mr. Lungu’s knee jerk statements have been triggered by the failure by the former Registrar of Societies Mr. Andeleki and expelled former MMD National Secretary Major Kachingwe to force the MMD into oblivion using all machinations that were unleashed on the party.

“We are now convinced that a cartel has been orchestrated through Andeleki, Kachingwe and Namugala to ensure that MMD was wiped out by powers that be because Hon Lungu seems to have confirmed it by insinuating that there were two factions in MMD when in fact not. We assume that the Minister may be has brought himself in the open and exposed himself that he has been party to the machinations to artificially and forcefully wipe out the MMD since Andeleki, Kachingwe and Namugala have lamentably failed to achieve it and are no longer in pole positions to execute that ordeal,” he said.

Mr. Chihili has since appealed for sobriety in leaders who were charged with the governance of the country to be level headed urging them to level the playing field for all stakeholders to champion their cause without contempt and oppression.

He said that the MMD would pose no threat to the nation for expelling Maj. Kachingwe and Ms. Namugala from the party.

Quash Nevers Mumba indictment

LAWYER representing MMD President Nevers Mumba and seven others yesterday applied to the Kitwe Magistrate Court to quash the charge of unlawful assembly slapped on her clients because the accused were stopped while driving on the way and were not at any assembly or a rally.

Ireen Kunda from Kunda and company applied to the Magistrate court to use its inherent discretion to quash the charge of unlawful assembly on her clients and refer the matter to the high court for trial.

This is in a matter where Dr Mumba and seven others were arrested on December 11, 2012 for unlawful assembly as they were coming from Lufwanyama District to visit Chieftainess Shimukunami after earlier visiting Chief Nkana.

Dr Mumba was arrested together with Lufwanyama Member of Parliament(MP) Annie Chungu, Muchinga MP Howard Kunda, Masaiti MP Michael Katambo, Kafulafuta MP James Chishiba.

Others were MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu, Copperbelt MMD provincial women chairperson Edith Mataka.

Ms Kunda said the fact that her clients were stopped on the road and charged for unlawful assembly was a clear indication that the courts were being abused to stiffle the freedom of the citizens by some officers.

” The accused persons were stopped on the high way as they were driving and they were not on an assembly or holding a rally. It is because of the potential abuse that we apply to this court to use its inherent discretion to ensure the court is not abused for trial.

Copperbelt Provincial Prosecution Officer Anderson Simbulyani applied for an adjournment so that the Sate could study the application made by Ms Kunda.

Magistrate Penjani Lamba granted the adjournment and the matter would now come up on March 4.

Heed ZEC’S advice – govt told

Government has been advised to take heed of the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC)’s pastoral letter as guidance on the things they have failed to deliver.

Political analyst Dante Saunders said the step taken by the church showed that they were concerned about what the country had become, under the PF leadership.

Mr Saunders said the checks and balances provided by the opposition were obviously not enough to convince the PF government to change and this has lead to its failure to deliver to the people’s expectations.

He reiterated that he expected the PF government to respond to the church’s concerns for the Zambian people.

“I am glad that the church has taken a leading role to ensure they spoke for the voiceless in the society, and we expect the PF government to heed to that whether they like it or not. There is still a lot government must work on to ensure everything is on course for the benefit of all the Zambian people,” he said.

Mr Saunders said issues some sectors of society had been raising about the PF government should not be seen as an attempt to embarrass the leadership but were aimed at helping the government to achieve.

He accused the PF government of being inconsistent; saying that it had not done much that could benefit the entire country, but instead continued initiating many programmes they knew could not be fulfilled.

He said most of the programmes initiated by government were not included in the 2013 budget, and would be difficult to be implemented in the long run.

“These things we are talking about are not just meant to criticize the sitting government, but these are the issues that must be raised so that they benefit the people of Zambia.  And it is the duty of Government to act and carry everyone along when important decisions are being made,” he said.

Mr Saunders said most of the decisions the government made were done without consulting, hence failed to be implemented because they lacked knowledge on how to go about them.

PF thugs fail to stop UPND

In spite of threats and intimidation by weapon carrying suspected PF cadres the UPND rally took place yesterday heralding a success of the fight against the public order act. 

A number of people were assaulted including two from the US embassy and officers from Office of the President who were whisked into a ZNBC vehicle for safety.

The UPND described the rally as victory for democracy as it had beaten a record and back borne of Sata’s dictatorship.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said when he addressed scores of UPND cadres who attended the long awaited opposition rally at KabwataBasicSchool grounds.

Mr Hakainde said it was not surprising that the opposition cadres were beaten as the PF was violent party from way back when President Sata led the Chawama massacre.

He said the government of Zambia was being run by a bunch of hooligans and that was the reason why they couldn’t allow a rally because they were afraid of what the opposition would tell the people.

“We shall not allow one person to destroy the country. We have beaten a record and a back borne of Sata’s dictatorship by having a rally. Anyone who stops development is evil.

“What we gave ourselves in 2011 is go’nga ‘fake’ and we should reclaim our democracy. We are paying a price for putting a wrong people in government as evidenced at the highest referral hospital UTH where there is no Oxygen and one wonders what has happened to the babies in the incubators.

“There is no money for public services because Sata has given money to his wife and himself by jumping the queue and paying himself retirement package. The PF administration is stopping us from holding rallies because they don’t want to remind the people of this country of their promises,” Hichilema said.

The opposition leader also urged other opposition parties and civil society organisations to start holding meetings and rallies as he had finally broken the PF dictatorship of banning rallies.

“I’ve from today signed a warranty allowing you to go ahead and hold your meetings, but make sure you are peaceful.

For me I don’t mind being arrested even two hundred or more times if that’s what it takes to reclaim our freedoms and rights back” he told the crowd.