Radio Mano Members of Staff have downed tools following the expiry of the ultimatum given to the board of trustees to suspend two board members.

On Saturday, the Members of staff gave the board of trustees up to today, 12:00 hours to suspend the duo of Acting Board Chairperson Benson Chibeka, and Elizabeth Matafwali, Chairperson Community Affairs, failure to which operations at the radio station will come to a halt.

And the visibly annoyed Members of staff who held a meeting today maintained that the two embattled board members should step down for gross misconduct and abuse of stations resources.


Earlier in the morning, Radio Mano Station Manager Chrispine Ntalasha was summoned by the Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika and the District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya over the matter.

But efforts by the manager to calm down the Members of staff proved futile as they charged that enough is enough adding that they could not be taken for granted.

The Members of staff also threatened to lock the office of the station manager in protest over the matter.

Meanwhile, management has announced that with immediate effect from today, Radio Mano Station will be opening at 08:00 hours and closing at 18:00 hours.

The management has since apologized to its listenership and clients for the inconvenience this will cause.

On Friday last week, the board held a meeting but failed to resolve the concerns raised by the staff in its petition dated 14th December 2012 resulting in today’s strike.

The staff noted that the named duo has continued to interfere in the operations of the radio station.

In the petition, the members of staff observed among others unnecessary meetings, frequent visitation to the station, Misuse of motor vehicles, unnecessary expenditure on tours of listener groups and abuse of station funds by the two named board members.

Meanwhile, the board yesterday suspended the chairperson for Agriculture Machrist Chali to the dissatisfaction of Radio Mano Staff and termed his suspension as a mere scapegoat.

However, the Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika who earlier persuaded the aggrieved staff through the station manager not to strike saying he will handle the issue has since summoned the board of trustees before his office on Wednesday this week.






Having successfully frustrated the scheduled holding of the Privy Council which was set for the 11TH  of December 2012 at Limulunga Royal Village,  Mongu, The Zambian government has offered to finance a bogus BNC meeting whose main objective is to undo the resolutions of the MARCH 27, 2012 BNC.

This is in liason with the Litunga and The BRE after receiving hefty bribes in the tune of 42 Billion Kwacha from the Zambian Government to frustrate the cause for the independence of Barotseland.

A reliable source who is a senior Induna at the Saa Kuta at Limulunga has informed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Barotseland that the BRE in agreement with the Litunga have received a 150 million kwacha towards organising a fake and bogus BNC meeting stage managed to disapprove The Popular 27 MARCH 2012, BNC RESOLUTIONS. The brief agenda is also to discuss the restoration of The Barotseland Agreement as opposed to the road map for independence. The Litunga and BRE seek to appreciate their pay masters in Zambia by pursuing the restoration of Barotseland Agreement 1964 which keeps Barotseland and its people in perpetual servitude while ensuring that their names continue to be on the pay roll.

The senior Induna who does not approve of what the Litunga and the BRE are doing also informed the PFLB that the list of delegates will be doctored to only accommodate people who will fully support this immoral agenda and interest of the main sponsor who is the Zambian Government.

The source also confirmed that the 11th December 2012 scheduled Privy Council meeting failed to take off because of pressure from State House in Lusaka as it was feared by both the Zambian Government and the Litunga that the Privy council would resolve to restore Honorable Wainyai C. Sinyinda as Prime Minister who is viewed as one of the leading advocates for the independence of Barotseland.

The Senior Induna at Saa Kuta further informed the PFLB that a bogus Privy Council meeting will be stage managed by the BRE to prepare for the Bogus BNC meeting.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Barotseland’s Position.

  • PFLB warns the Litunga and the BRE that the people of Barotseland shall never be sold for a few pieces of silver.
  • Barotseland is more important and bigger than the Litunga as well as the BRE.
  • The BNC is the highest policy making body in BarotseLand and therefore whatever resolutions were agreed by the people for the people through the 27th March, 2012 BNC cannot be undone single handedly by the Litunga and his BRE.
  • The Barotseland Agreement 1964 cannot be discussed at this moment as it does not exist being abrogated by the Zambian Government in 1969
  • Only the road map for total independence of Barotseland shall be discussed
  • We appeal to all our district chiefs to take a leading role and be magnanimous enough to deliver the aspirations of the people of Barotseland. Our Chiefs should not be intimidated by anyone and less still the compromised Litunga and BRE.
  • We appeal to all the people of Barotseland to come out of their slumber and deal with the enemies of their right to self determination and begin to shape our road map to independence.
  • Let us all be watchful and see whether the Litunga and BRE can deliver us to the Promised Land.
  • In view of the above unfolding events, it is our well thought position that the BRE and The Litunga cannot bring us independence, it is only us common lozis who can liberate ourselves from servitude.

Signed by PFLB Executive Members;


Musiyalike Lubinda  –  Chairperson

Mulemwa Mwiya – Deputy Chairperson

Lubasi Muyunda –   Secretary General

Kufekisa Munukayumbwa   –  Publicity Secretary

Akamandisa Mushabati    –   Executive Committee Member







Insubordination, indiscipline the bane of parties

It does not require a rocket scientist to discern that the campaign to hound out Minister of Foreign Affairs given Lubinda from the party is being engineered from the highest level of the party, just as the campaign against Dr. Nevers Mumba is also being engineered from the top leadership of his party.

Nothing in politics is spontaneous. Everything is organized and often by the very top leadership which shields behind the rank and file of the membership.

  And as rightly observed by PF party insiders the President Sata has chosen to acquiesce rather than discipline his party secretary general Wynter Kabimba who should be chided for displaying  impropriety in the manner he has handled public events including media driven attacks against foreign minister given Lubinda and his display of arrogance at the Anti Corruption Offices..

In normal organizations matters of party discipline, especially matters involving senior officials are dealt with considerable circumspection and total confidentiality to ensure that the accused have an opportunity to respond in a manner that respects the general principle of natural justice. 

In this case however, not only were the so called charges against Lubinda publicly exposed while the minister himself was outside the country but these have been followed by further contrived and organized attacks from party functionaries who should otherwise treat senior party officials with respect and decorum.

The tragedy is that once precedence has been established nothing will stop the cadres from being organized to attacks any other member of the party including the ones currently enjoying favour.

There is a saying that in politics there are no permanent enemies but only permanent interests. Alliances shift to suit specific circumstances and conditions. Those in favour today will invariably fall out of favour and can expect the same treatment they mete out to perceived enemies.

No senior official, not even those in the Central committee are safe. They are vulnerable to contrived political attacks, initiated by those who may have the support of the leadership or indeed the youth including the rank and file.

A party that has no respect for the hierarchy is a definite recipe for generalized indiscipline which will ultimately affect the very top of the leadership that is now choosing the specter of growing instances of insubordination.

Parties are like regiments where discipline is of cardinal importance. Left unchecked the conflicting interests among the rank and file will soon render the party not only ungovernable but a real danger to the well being and health of the organization itself.

Sadly, in the case of political parties, indiscipline spills to issues of national concern and interest.

There is no question that that the diabolical treatment of MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe will remain to haunt this country’s political psyche for a long time to come.

Our body politique is very small, premised on miniscule issues and often run on mob psychology. This is why there must be an element of control and guidance to give the country a semblance of political direction and vision, otherwise political chaos will prevail.


Sata supporting PF indiscipline

President Michael Sata has been accused of supporting Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who has been instigating indiscipline in the party through his handpicked Lusaka Province Chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe.

A senior founding member said it was unheard of for junior party officials to chide a senior Minister “but this is only possible because the President has allowed Kabimba to promote indiscipline in the party,” he said

The official was citing the current wrangles in which Kabimba is alleged to be hiring cadres to boost his ambitions of removing Foreign Minister Given Lubinda from his position.

The official revealed to the Daily Nation that the junior members of the party had the blessings from the President to hound Lubinda out of office.

The junior party leaders he said were being instigated by Mr Kabimba so that a way could be cleared for Wynter’s presidential ambitions.

In spite of all the unprocedural Press exposure by Mr Kabimba against Mr Lubinda, Mr Sata had remained quiet, a sign that he was comfortable with what was going on in the party.

“We know President Sata can not disappoint Kabimba for obvious reasons but we want to warn him the he is promoting disunity in the party by keeping quiet.

“Can he come out in the open and tell us what his views are on all the issues that the secretary general has been referring to in the past few months which have put the party in an awkward position.

“We condemn the action by some party members that are being used to denounce senior party officials. We want sanity and if they think Kabimba was a better choice, they have it wrong and really President Sata must sort out all these issues,” party members said.

They disclosed that Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili was next on target because he had shown that he was not in support of what Mr Kabimba was doing.

Earlier yesterday PF constituency chairmen demanded for the resignation of Mr Lubinda from his position as Foreign affairs minister.

The chairmen also said that they would petition President Sata directly so that he could remove Mr Lubinda from his ministerial position because he was a traitor, betrayer and a spy and also said that such a person was a danger to the party and the government.

The chairpersons claimed that they were disappointed with Mr Lubinda’s statement in the named newspaper were he was quoted saying that he would defend his seat in Kabwata constituency if  he was expelled from the party.

“Our demand is for Hon. Lubinda to resign with immediate effect because of gross indiscipline. We are warning Hon. Lubinda never ever to report for work on Monday because the youths of this great party will force him out of office.

“This is a timely warning to Hon Lubinda. We are also warning all supporters not to claim that they are PF as PF, we shall deal strongly with such a member. We shall continue demanding for his removal until our demands are attended to,” they said during a Press briefing.

The chairpersons from Matero Morgan Ng’ona, Mandevu Makasa and Forbes Mufwaya from Munali are some that signed for Mr Lubinda removal from office.

Deal with issues, Sata urged

President Michael Sata must break his silence and explain why Zambians are facing several challenges despite his government promising to improve people’s welfare, a concerned citizen has said. Brebner Changala said it was time Mr Sata came out and faced the challenges the country was going through because his silence would lead the country to doom.

He observed that Mr Sata has kept quiet for too long when the country was experiencing massive Mealie meal shortages and a general increase in the prices of the several commodities.

Mr Changala said Mr Sata must stop shying away from the citizens who put him in office but instead should interact with them and hear their cries.

“We are wondering what is going on with our friend the President Mr Sata, that even in the presence of all these problems that are currently ravaging the country, he has opted to remain quiet and allow the situation to continue.” He said.

He said President Sata must realise that the confusion in his own party were also affecting Zambians because they are questioning the calibre of the party running the government and the affairs of this nation.” He said

“What is his position on the armyworms, the shortages of Mealie meal and the high prices of several goods in the country? What is he doing about the shortage of fuel in some parts of the country? Zambians want to know.

“President Michael Sata thinks he is doing justice to this country by governing it through Press Statements which are issued by his Press aide. Let me tell him that he has got it wrong; he can not run a government like this, for how long? Changala asked.

Changala said President Sata must address issues that have affected the people that put him in that office adding that the electorates did not put him there to sit and only to be seen during swearing in ceremonies.

He observed that it would not help for Mr Sata to just wait for his press aide to feed the nation with lies because it had been noticed that probably he has not been told the truth about the current affairs in the country.

He said that most PF members were worried and concerned about the squabbles that party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba had caused in the ruling party and in the nation as a whole.

“Zambians have realised that things were not going forward but backwards because Mr Sata has not provided governance in this nation” he said.

Chihana Condemns PF one Party state campaign

It is improper for President Michael Sata to shun, pretend and ignore concerns Zambians are raising against his dictatorial tendencies through his leadership, says International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) president Bishop Simon Chihana.

Bishop Chihana said that the church would not allow President Sata to turn Zambia into a one party state, adding that freedoms were being taken away at such a fast rate.

He said that there was need for the democracy which people fought for to be protected by all well meaning Zambians that love peace and unity in diversity.

“Today the PF government is in power because of the democracy we desire and the liberties that were laid in 1991 which our President was part of in making and therefore, it will be very unfortunate if today the President broke it with his own hands than making it better. And if he knows the Public Order Act is not helpful to the liberties of its citizens, then he must be the champion to change it, but if he is enjoying the Act to oppress others, he shall surely embrace it to his advantage though the interpretation is misused and abused,” he said.

Bishop Chihana said that the assertion that the PF government under President Sata wanted to revert the country into  a one party state were not from without  but  based on the numerous happenings that were  pointing to that  regarding governance and the freedoms of the people which his government was infringing.

Bishop Chihana said that it wouldn’t be proper then for President Sata or anyone else for that matter  to shun, pretend or ignore the fact that what was happening was threatening the freedoms of the citizens and scaring away foreign investors from investing in the nation.

He said it was sad that the PF government had maligned the opposition political parties in the country illegal, adding that, “ Whilst we appreciate the spirit of promoting the image of citizenry, whereby citizens cannot feel intimidated and inferior from our so called foreign investors, it is also prudent that government must be extremely mindful about how they issue deportation orders to the deemed law breakers.

We are extremely concerned in the manner the police have been handling the Public Order Act on the  citizens of Zambia  particularly the opposition political parties. We wonder whether what has been happening is an oversight or a deliberate move by the police to curtail the opposition parties. We are seeing how the police have been brutalizing the members of opposition parties, arresting them on unfounded grounds, and also denying them permits to assemble. The opposition are being denied their freedom of association and right to assemble so that together they can address the nation on various issues of their concern.”

He reminded President Sata not to forget that before the PF was voted into power, they campaigned and addressed people through public rallies until the time for elections.

“Our other great and heart searching concern that has become so clear, is about members of parliament of the opposition, how some of them are being enticed to defect from the party they belong to such as MMD to the ruling party. If the allegations are true that the PF party and its government is determined to cause such defections and divisions, then it is sad for Zambia,” he said.

He said that Zambians did not want history to repeat itself, where two opposition political parties in the time of Dr. Kaunda leadership, went into oblivion without seats in parliament due to oppressiveness of the Kaunda regime.

Kabimba’s revealation of oil bribe shocks ZUFIAW

Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) president Cephus Mukuka has said that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s denial of  being bribed during the oil deal is an attempt to pre-empt the ongoing investigations against him by the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC).

Commenting on the revelations by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba that one of the companies that bid in the US$500 million rich oil deal wanted to bribe him, Mr. Syakalima said that the PF government was the most corrupt government in Africa.

He said it was shocking that Mr. Kabimba who is PF Secretary General had now accepted that the oil tender was shrouded in corruption and he was one of those people that were aware about the matter.

And former Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Siakalima has charged that the PF government was the most corrupt government in Africa that was being run by corrupt individuals.

Mr. Syakalima said that corruption in the PF was the cornerstone of their governance system, adding that the oil deal which was awarded to Trafigura would remain a filth corrupt deal in the eyes of Zambians and the world.

He said that the revelations and acknowledgment that one of the companies that bid in the oil tender wanted to bribe Mr. Kabimba was clear evidence that the process was not above board.

“The problem Zambia has now is that it has leaders who are all crooks and strange crooks. These people have no shame. They wanted to lie to the people of Zambia that there was no corruption but here today Mr. Kabimba has confirmed to the world that there was corruption,” he said. Trafigura despite coming out fifth was awarded the tender to supply oil to Zambia for a year. And Mukuka said that attempts by Mr. Kabimba to explain the oil deal was an attempt to pre-empty the probes by the ACC.

Mr. Mukuka said that Mr. Kabimba should have kept quiet and allowed the investigating wings conclude their findings and present them to the people of Zambia.

The Zambia Youths Association in the Fight against Corruption (ZYAFAC) Executive Director Rickson Kanema said it was dismayed to learn that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba acknowledged that he rejected a bribe from a named company which approached him in an effort to win the contract for the supply of crude oil.

“This is a matter he is being investigated for by ACC. The statement by Mr. Kabimba is an attempt to dilute people’s perception on the ongoing investigations. Mr. Kabimba is a learned legal practitioner who understands the ACC Act very well,” he said.

Mr. Kanema observed that under the ACC Act offering a bribe was an offence and wondered why justice minister did not report the company in question to the authorities.

“I am therefore challenging the Justice Minister to furnish the ACC with information and report the same company to relevant authority for attempting to corrupt a public official,” he said.

Meanwhile Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) Country coordinator for local governance capacity development and support project Humphrey Sikapizye said that Justice Minister’s statement puts the findings of the ACC at risk.

Opposition rally cancelled

Five opposition political parties that planned to hold a rally in Lusaka’s Mtendere Compound today have canceled the event.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo confirmed the cancellation to the Daily Nation saying they would only take the fresh application on Monday.

But MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba says that opposition political party leaders will not allow the Patriotic Front (PF) government to abuse God given liberties and freedoms.In an interview Dr. Mumba said that God had given people liberties and freedom, therefore the PF government would not be allowed to continue showing their hostility in the manner they were abusing freedoms for many Zambians.

He said that the opposition would defy all acts that throw away the respect of the rule of law and the respect of freedoms and Human rights.

“We shall defy the PF if they want to infringe on the rights of the people of Zambia, “ he said.The five opposition political parties are UPND, MMD, United Liberal Party (ULP), Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) and Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM).

Home affairs minister Edgar Lungu said that if the opposition were not happy with the action by police, they should go to his office to seek a compromise.

Mr. Lungu said that the opposition political party leaders condemning the Public order Act had not approached the government to see how best the piece of legislation could be applied.

He said government had called on all the people with concerns to seek an audience with his office but that none of them had shown interest.

Mr. Lungu said that the PF government would not compromise the national peace and stability by quashing laws that were meant to protect the citizens from lawlessness.He also said that the PF government had nothing to do with the operations of the police and would not in any way intervene in their operations.

Conflicts as Opportunities

The deepening conflict within the opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) is most disheartening.

An impression has been created and indeed some ill wishers are supporting the notion that the party is in a state of mortal extinction, as a result of the seemingly interminable exchanges that have been magnified in the media.

We are disappointed that solid members of the party including Dr. Brian Chituwo and more recently Catherine Namugala have fallen prey to the negative media that is intent on destroying the party and pushing it into oblivion.

Conflicts are an opportunity for growth, they are a reflection of divergent perception which may not be grounded in fact.

The reality is that conflicts are a very normal part of healthy relationship. Managed effectively conflicts can build and strengthen institutions. In many cases conflicts helps an organization get to the root causes of dysfunction and therefore provide a mechanism for renewal and growth.

Rather than deal with the angry emotions and posturing that characterizes most conflicts we expect that Dr. Chituwo and his other colleagues will band into a laager of common interest to chart a way forward that will help develop this country’s democratic credentials which  are   threatened by the growing Machiavellianism that has gripped national politics.

The current conflicts in the MMD can be traced back to the election defeat last year and subsequent shift in the leadership of the Party. The untimely hounding of former President Rupiah Banda from leadership forced the party into triple jeopardy. The party had to recover from the loss, find a new leader and adjust to playing second fiddle in a country where they previously set the agenda.

The shift has placed the party in uncharted territory. It follows therefore that painful adjustment charaterised by dislocation, friction and at worst a convulsion will be experienced. It would be totally naïve to expect the process of catharsis to be painless.

It is not easy for former Ministers and senior Government officials to descend from the pedestal of power to the opposition bench where they must play a passive role in national politics.

There is therefore a temptation to view any conflict as an end game similar to the one suffered by the original ruling Party UNIP which has failed to resurrect from the 1991 electoral coma.

The difference between the UNIP defeat and that suffered by the MMD is that the latter still commands a sizeable presence in the National Assembly where decisions, policy and laws are mooted and implemented.  UNIP was totally decimated at the polls because the people of Zambia were totally fed up with the policies and direction that the country took under the socialist and commandist leadership.

The defeat in 2011 was very different, it reflected a fair split that left the Patriotic Front a minority Government without the convincing 50 plus one or indeed absolute majority in the House.

Therefore the opposition has a fair chance of influencing Government policy by providing the necessary checks and balances.

Therefore the temptation by serving opposition  members of Parliament to cross over to the ruling party in the hope of attaining Ministerial positions is a disservice to the people of Zambia who voted for a hung parliament for the purpose of ensuring that Zambia did not descend into a one party state.

That is why we are very concerned that very senior members of the MMD are failing to handle the current conflict in a mature, positive and constructive manner.

What is passing for disorder is the manifestation of pangs of “birth” which are neither decent nor controlled. These are “cataclysmic”, painful and momentous.

Any organization that seeks to change and grow must face up to its demons and make peace.  Therefore MMD like the other opposition parties must re-orient, re-think and strategize for the challenges and realities that face the opposition in the face of a Machiavellian leadership.


Ilunda Chalo not for PF

Ilunda Chalo Investments Limited does not belong to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) but to President Michael Sata, Wynter Kabimba and an Indian national Imran Merchant.

And PF members have challenged President Michael Sata and Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to explain why they still insist that Ilunda Chalo was owned by the PF and why there were no consultations with the Central Committee when the company was being registered.

The members, including some senior Cabinet Ministers have also questioned the inclusion Imran Merchant, an Indian national, into a company that was supposed to belong to a political party.

The party members questioned why Mr Kabimba has continued to mislead the nation and the party that Ilunda Chalo belonged to the PF when no  senior party members had been informed about who the real share holders in the company were.

“It is very unfortunate that Mr Kabimba could still insist that the company belonged to the PF when no party members were consulted and informed when decisions were being made to form the company.

“I am a central committee member, Kabimba should not cheat Zambians about this company as no one was told about it. Which central committee sat to decided on who should be the share holders of the company?

“We only knew about this company when the issue first appeared in the paper. We did not know who the shareholders were until this scam was exposed. No information has been passed on to the party members about the company and that is why we are demanding for an explanation before this issue backfires,” said one Cabinet Minister.

The members also wondered why the formation and registration of the company was done secretly alleging that President Sata and Mr Kabimba wanted to hoodwink Zambians into believing that the company belonged to the party.  “Why didn’t they ask Zambians to invest in the company? We want the President to tell us and convince us why he and others went behind other party members’ backs and form a company without the others knowing.” The members said.

Meanwhile information obtained by the Daily Nation have revealed that Mr Imran Merchant first came to Zambia in June 2012 with the help of some Zambians with whom he was to operate business. However the business relationship did not work and they parted company.

Mr Merchant worked for Dharni Sampda Pvt.Ltd in Mumbai India and he came to work for the company known as Taurian Manganese which was incorporated in 2010 and started its operations on November 20th 2010 in Luapula Province.

Mr Merchant has also been accused of having worked with some opposition groups in the government of Ivory Coast before he came to Zambia.

Further investigations by the Nation have revealed that Mr Merchant has since moved from Mambilima Road in Rhodes Park to Mass Media Housing Complex off Thabo Mbeki road in Lusaka.

Mr Merchant had always associated himself with people at the top and for them it was not surprising that he found himself as a foreigner to be one of the shareholders in Ilunda Chalo Ltd.

The source however said this development was sad because the two senior party officials did not tell other party members the truth.