2 seek govt permission to sue



TWO companies have contacted State House, seeking permission to sue those accusing them of engaging in corruption with Government, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has disclosed.

Mr Chanda however, declined to name the companies, saying he would do that at the right time.

He noted that there were some companies that had been named in alleged Government corruption when in fact Government had not dealt with them.

Mr Chanda said some politicians whose names were withheld were likely to be sued.

However, expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has continued to throw unjustified corruption allegations against President Lungu and some Government officials.

“I received a request from two companies who because I don’t have permission I will not name, requesting us to allow them to sue these senseless politicians who are accusing them of engaging in corruption with Government. “These companies have called us whether they should take that action, because State House and Ministries have been mentioned in the allegations. “That for us was amazing that the request has been made by companies, so that they can be taken to court and learn a lesson and whatever the outcome, we can assure you that no Government official will be named because we have not done any business with them, but they have been named.

“If it becomes necessary I will give the names of those that are threatening to sue,” he said.

And Mr Chanda also revealed that the scheme to bring down Government by accusing it of corruption had been unearthed.

He stressed that Government was aware of a group of people had planned that every day they must raise at least three corruption allegation against any Government official.

He reiterated that the President would therefore not pay attention to such baseless allegations.  Mr Chanda said those making unjustified allegations against the President or his Minsters and expecting him to respond to them, were just wasting their time. He said the Head of State would only pay attention to allegations were there was credible evidence. “That silly scheme has been unearthed, so on our part we shall continue to ignore such people, some of them are stationed in South Africa, another group is stationed in Asia, another one in Europe.

“The idea is to make these allegations on a daily basis and the minimum number is that there’s three corruption allegations against anyone in government.  Mr Chanda said it was ridiculous to accuse Government officials of corruption for acquiring wealth when they have worked hard and rightly earned it.

“One can’t just wake up and accuse a Government official  who has over 25 years  gone to university and acquired those degrees and say that person has acquired wealth, what else do you want them to acquire? Poverty and Ignorance? No they worked hard for it,” he said.


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